‘Sea’ Where I Write …

Apart from writing and running, I also enjoy being on the water.

Almost two years ago, we bought an Alaska cruiser, named Seaclusion.

She’s a beautiful thing and my husband and I love taking off for several weeks at a time to explore Tasmania’s coastal waters. (We also have bigger plans for trips further afield.)

I’m not sure what it is (probably the seclusion – as per her name – as well as the lack of interruptions and distractions), but I always seem to write really well when I’m aboard. The ideas and words come easily.

I wrote most of Addressed on the boat – when we’d dropped the pick at a peaceful and picturesque anchorage or even when we were just tied up in a marina. I’m intending to do the same with my next book.

Of course, as per the premise of Addressed, it’s always helpful to look the part, so I often go for a nautical style when on the boat.

The aptly named ‘Admiral’ dress is a simple favourite. So much so that I bought it both navy and red!

Aye! Aye!

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