Thank You, Dave

This is Dave. Dave is my husband. I wonder for how much longer though, after I post this. He’s probably going to kill me when he sees it. Only kidding!

You can probably glean from the second photo that Dave is a bloke who doesn’t readily seek out the limelight. In fact, this image is his preferred form of ‘selfie’ – more of a ‘hidey’ really. Ha!

It was Dave’s birthday recently, yet we didn’t seem to do much for him.

Instead, he took me for another 21-kilometre trail run and then did lots of chores and other stuff around the house when we got home so I’d have time to devote to my writing.

So, in the end, his birthday became more about him helping me to pursue my twin passions.

And it got me thinking about how blessed I am to have a fella like this. The sacrifices and demands that come with writing a book are many and challenging, so it’s vital to have an understanding and supportive husband/wife/partner/significant other in your corner. You’d go bonkers otherwise!

It’s a necessarily lonely and time-gobbling game, this author lark, and, to get it done, it means that other things can fall by the wayside unless you have a selfless loved one willing to shoulder more than their normal share of the life-load.

Dave has been, and continues to be, that heavy lifter for me.

When it gets hard, it’s just grand to know he’s there.

Thank you, honey.


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