Getting My Skates On!

Roller skating was really in when I was at high school in the early-to-mid-eighties.

Most of the girls in my class had boot skates (it was the time way before in-line and blades), and we couldn’t wait to slip into them and go flying around the school yard at recess and lunch, or head to the rink (complete with disco lights) on the weekends.

I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately and – though I don’t really know why – I’ve had a hankering to roller skate again (albeit that I’m now much older and have largely neglected for decades any of the skills that I might ever have possessed).

Lucky, then, that retro boot skates seem to be making something of a comeback. And serendipitous, too, that I eyeballed this fabulous pair in a skate shop not far from my favourite coffee haunt.

I adored them as soon as I laid eyes on them in the window – that perfect combo of the baby blue uppers and candyfloss pink wheels and laces!

I’ll be very, very rusty of course, after all this time, but I truly can’t wait to give them a whirl, though my husband reckons I’ll need to up the level of my medical insurance!

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