Capital Marathon

Capital Marathon

This month (April 2024) I travelled to Canberra where I completed my twentieth endurance run (that’s right, I’ve now clocked up a score of marathons and ultramarathons!).

The national capital’s running festival on 7 April attracted some 10,000 runners who participated in five events, with the signature 42.2 kilometre race involving a somewhat convoluted but scenic route that took in many of Canberra’s iconic sites, including old and new Parliament House and Lake Burly Griffin.

Every marathon is different and I’m not going to lie – I found this one challenging and I was off my best performances and times. That was perhaps not surprising given I’d had a disrupted and injury plagued leadup. My training was far from ideal this time – something that’s never happened to me before.

In that way, I found myself very much in sync with the issues experienced by one of the characters in my new book which is now on the horizon!

Which character and how so?

Well, please keep a close watch here for the publication date of The Runaways to find out.

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