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I adore a beautiful book cover, but do you know what else I love nearly as much when it comes to all things bookish?

The answer is: a lovely bookmark to keep my place.

I’ve seen some people fold over the corner of a page to mark where they are up to (shudder – that’s definitely not for me!), and I’ve noticed others using a paperclip or a scrap of paper torn from a note book (again, neither are for me!).

However, I believe a good book deserves a quality bookmark.

To that end, these pretty samples that I saw in QBD recently, really spoke to me and needless to say found their way home to hold my place in my current reads.

The bookstore had so many other eye-catching examples, making it very hard for me to choose just these two. I have sneaking suspicion that I’ll be heading back for several more!

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