Early Christmas Presents!

Or should that, more correctly, be ‘Early Christmas Presence!’?

So, here was me thinking that my debut novel, Addressed, wouldn’t be available until early January 2021, and while that’s strictly true (the major sites have it listed as available for order from 1 January next year … happy New Year!), you can actually pre-order it from quite a few of them right now!

All my advice to date has been that Addressed could possibly take several weeks to appear in the major online stores and with the big distributors, but if this ‘Year of COVID’ has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and to roll with it.

And that’s what I’m doing.

Like an early delivery bub, Addressed is obviously keen to get out there into readers’ hands and onto devices, pre-term.

Seeing the pretty cover of my book, the synopsis, and even a couple of sample chapters in one instance, magically materialise online earlier than expected has been a nice Christmas present for me and will hopefully translate into a happy start to a much better year for readers in 2021. Addressed is, after all, ‘Up Lit’ (Uplifting Literature) – feel good fiction.

So, please bear in mind that Addressed is still being loaded onto many sites and information may be more complete on some than others. Prices may also vary widely (these are up to the sellers and are not set by me).

At last check, I’m advised that my book is available for Print on Demand pre-order from:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Fishpond (Australia/New Zealand)
  • Dymocks

The same applies in ebook format from:

  • KOBO
  • The Nook (Barnes and Noble)
  • Booktopia
  • Apple iTunes/iBooks

Addressed will be launched as an ebook with Amazon (Kindle) at the start of January.

I shall keep you posted!

And a huge thank you to everyone who has showed such enthusiasm and support so far. I am both humbled and gratified.



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