Hot on the Trail of the Story …

Last Sunday I ran 21 kilometres (a half marathon) on hilly Tasmanian coastal trails. It felt so good.

I hadn’t been able to get much of a long run in for the past month or so, what with everything on the go for Addressed, so it was wonderful to return to my cherished Sunday running routine. That’s the day when I head out on the road or to the trails to get my big kilometres under my belt.

I look forward to this time so very much because it’s just for me. It allows me a sense of freedom. It permits me to go exploring. I enjoy the peace and solitude of my own company. I can switch off from the constant interruption of devices. I feel physically strong and mentally clear. I get an adrenalin rush (the famous runner’s high). And I can enjoy coffee and cake, pretty much guilt-free,
after I’ve done the work.

I mentioned clearing my head. Long solo runs certainly do that. But they also allow me to fill it again – with refinements to the plotline and ideas and characters for my next book. I even do the
detailed ‘writing’ of forthcoming chapters in my head.

That’s how I filled a lot of my headspace on my long run yesterday, so that when I got home and settled back at my desk, all I had to do was get it down. It was already there.

For me, running and writing is the perfect combination.

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