What’s in a Name?

So penned William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet.

I’ve always been intrigued by names – what they say about people and whether the moniker fits.

And I find it very easy naming my characters in my books.

I hardly have to think twice about what I call them. Their names just come to me and, immediately they do, my characters become real.

My first book, Addressed, is a relatively ‘character-dense’ one.

There are, in fact, eleven significant characters between its pages, and a whole lot more ‘lesser’ (but still crucial!) ones.

And all my major characters have something big and confronting to deal with.

So, without giving too much away, these are the names of the key characters in my book …

My main gal, who I’ve already mentioned, is Waverley Litchfield. She’s battling a demon that’s got her firmly in its malevolent clutches and holding her back, but until she can overcome it (can she?), she’s concentrating on helping others win the fight against theirs.

Those others include: Holly (speaking of names, she simply loathes her surname … and a good surname is important with a job like hers); Vivian; Tilly; Raine (her moniker has a slightly royal pedigree!); Odette; Ashleigh; Sasha; Farelle, and gentleman, Vance.

And then there’s Linton … where does he fit in?

Well, you’ll just have to read Addressed to find out what’s going on with each of them and how they all come together!

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