Time to Celebrate

There comes a time – after all the effort has been put in and the hard work done – to celebrate; even to party.

That time for me was Saturday, 20 February 2021, when Addressed was formally ‘launched’ by local Mayor (and fellow frock fiend and friend) Kristie Johnston.

This is part of what I said to my 50 special guests in my address about Addressed:

‘Thank you so much everyone … … for frocking up and joining me this afternoon.
Because Addressed found its way into the world on the first of January … for me, today was always going to be more about a celebration with friends than a launch …
A chance to express my gratitude to each and every one of you who has, in one way or another, been important to me in my writing journey to publication and beyond.
Looking around The Atrium, it doesn’t surprise me that I’ve met so many of you because of a dress – or, in my case, many dresses!
After all, as everyone probably knows by now … that’s the premise of my book – the incredible power of a frock to bring people together … to forge friendships … and even to change lives!’

Yes, for me, my ‘launch’ was not so much about Annie Robson, but the opportunity for me to thank so many of my dear friends and loyal supporters who’ve been there for me as my book has come to life: childhood and school friends who are still my buddies today; family friends; work friends; other writers and authors and book sellers; some cobbers in the media; running friends; gym buddies and, of course, all the amazing, inspiring women I’ve met through my dress communities …

As I said to them:

‘You’ve all patiently listened to me prattle on about my book as we’ve run together, worked out together, coffee-ed together, or simply chatted together …
You’ve all been interested or encouraging in ways that have resonated with me, so I’ve wanted you here today.’

So, a happy and disparate group enjoyed a swish high tea in the gorgeous Atrium (accented in cover-of-Addressed pink no less!) in the historic elegance of Hadley’s Orient Hotel in Hobart.

The venue was appropriate, of course, given the pivotal high tea scene in my book.

I hope the selection of images uploaded over this and forthcoming posts will give you a taste of what it was like …

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