The Write Path

How exciting! My very first blog on my brand, spanking, new ‘Annie Robson-Author’ website!

I can hardly believe that I now have a book to soon launch – a ‘baby’ that has been around two years in development. That’s longer than the gestation period of an elephant and – yes – on occasions I must admit that it’s felt like a similar load to carry!

However, now that the ‘birth’ is imminent, and like the investment in anything you place a value on, my efforts and sacrifices to get this done seem completely worthwhile: all those hours, days, weeks, months – and, ultimately, the two years – at my desk writing; researching; re-writing (again and again and again); editing; checking and double checking and triple checking.

I well remember every detail of my first thrilling step on my ‘write path’ …

I wore my all-time favourite dress (she’s called ‘Santorini’ and, on a white background, features the beautiful hot pink flowers and cobalt blue hue of the doors and window shutters that are so evocative of that gorgeous Greek island). I ensconced myself in a prime position in the sun in one of my top-pick Hobart cafés, and there, with a good coffee and delicious treat to hand, I opened the pretty new notebook I’d specifically bought for the purpose (think blush pink, sparkly covers!) and excitedly began to map out my themes, plot and characters for Addressed.

Second Image for First Blog - Santorini

And that was the sum of my planning!

I’m just not a planner when I write. Nowhere near one.

I have a (scarily vague) germ of an idea in my head and then I simply sit down and put fingers to keyboard and see where the writing path might lead me.

Sometimes it goes straight to where I’ve anticipated my destination might be, but, more often than not, it meanders, loops and backtracks, or darts off in a completely different direction to take me to a place somewhere else entirely.

It’s a mystery to me where I might end up, but that encapsulates so much of the joy of writing for me – the unexpected and delightful discoveries and revelations (much like those of life itself!).

Something else I’ve learned on my journey is that there is only one way to get to the end, and it’s pretty simple really: it is to keep putting one foot in front of the other; to keep on moving forward along the ‘write path’.

For me, I’ve found that discipline and consistency and commitment are crucial.

There is simply no substitute for sitting down and actually writing – even it is rubbish at first and even if it’s just for an hour a day.

They are words that you didn’t have yesterday. You’re another step closer along the path to finishing your book.

There are no substitutes. Endless whiteboard or vision board plans won’t cut it, won’t get the book written.

There can be no ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuses, for, as a well-known Australian women’s fiction author once said to myself and others in a writing masterclass: ‘nobody cares’!

So, when I started to get a bit tired and grumpy and despondent along my ‘write path’, when I began to believe that it might, in fact, be the ‘wrong path’, I reminded myself to adhere to the advertising slogan of that world-famous brand and ‘just do it’.

And now I’ve done it.

To be honest, I’m chuffed simply to have written a book.

I can’t convey how honoured and delighted I’ll be if others will buy it and enjoy their own journey along the path to Addressed’s destination.

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