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​It almost goes without saying that if you’re a writer/author, you’ve always loved to read.

Reading stokes the furnace of the imagination and begets the urge – no; more than that – the compulsion to put your own words down to tell a story.

Even though I’m always busy with writing and running and boating and, well, just living, I always find time to read – usually before I turn the lights out at night and as soon as I wake up in the morning. It’s such a thrill – pure pleasure really – to escape into my books at these precious times of the day, and I try to ensure they are sacrosanct.

I tend to churn through (mostly) novels and the occasional non-fiction book. As I said, I’m a voracious reader. However, that hasn’t stopped my ‘To Be Read’ pile growing and growing and growing, so that it’s now leaning like that iconic tower in Pisa! In fact, at last count, I had … um … er … fifty unread books all beckoning to me to open to that first delicious page. It’s a definite addiction.

It occurred to me that several of my standout reads (plus one I’m yet to dip into, but which has been much anticipated – The Deep) to date this year are by Tasmanian or ex-pat local authors, three of whom I’m proud to call friends. Those authors and buddies are Katie McMahon (who lives just down the road from me!); Meg Bignell and Mary-Lou Stephens.

Katie and Mary-Lou and I are all ‘graduates’ of bestselling author Fiona McIntosh’s acclaimed commercial fiction masterclass.

Another friend and alumnus of that masterclass process is Victorian debut author Tania Farrelly. Tania’s brilliant historical fiction novel, The Eighth Wonder, has only just hit the shelves and is what’s currently keeping me up into the wee hours.

So many marvellous books to read – so little time!

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