Run Write

I’ve ramped up my running training lately. (I have a specific challenge in mind …)

Forty-five kilometres has been my longest run of late, and those kinds of distances give you plenty of time (in my case almost four and a half hours) to think.

A lot of the time I zone out and plan the next chapters in the book I’m currently writing (which centres around six diverse characters who run).

However, last weekend we took a couple of friends (who also love to run) away with us for three days on the boat, and we hit some more technical trails on beautiful Bruny Island.

That meant I had to concentrate on what was happening underfoot and try to keep my wits about me. A faceplant because I was intent on plotting chapter fifteen would not be helpful (or graceful)!

We knocked out 18 kilometres in glorious late-autumn weather and it was absolutely stunning.

Sometimes it’s more productive to clear your head anyway.

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