Lovely Ladies who Love to Lunch

Every now and then, it’s a huge thrill and pleasure for me to frock up and do a lazy lunch with friends.

And that’s precisely what I did recently when I got together with a group of fellow fashionistas to enjoy the exquisite local fare showcased amid the luxuriant atmosphere of the Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory in the State’s North.

I wore my ‘Trellis’ prom dress, which I thought was quite appropriate given the verdant greenery and vegetative-themed décor of the distinctive restaurant.

Of course, I think it was in the backs of all our minds just how lucky we are here in Tassie to be able to continue to do this. Life ticks along relatively normally in the island State, and we are all keeping everything crossed that it will forever be so.

However, that didn’t stop myself – and all my friends – being cognisant of so many around the country who are in extended lockdown and unable to enjoy the delights of dressing up and meeting up with friends, and sharing good food and good conversation.

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