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I just had to share these photos of my two newest dress acquisitions – ‘Rose Waltz’ (the blush and vibrant pink/red) and ‘Honolulu’ the verdant green/multi.

They were produced by one of my favourite brands quite a few years ago (before I’d discovered the company), and I’d been seeking to add these particular proms to my ‘collection’ for quite some time.

So, when that favourite brand announced around six months ago that they were bringing these gorgeous creations back – out of the archives, as it were – as limited editions, I had no hesitation in jumping online and pre-ordering.

Well, they finally turned up (complete with adorable matching scrunchies) last week and I’m pleased to report that good things really do come to those who wait!

I’m every bit as enamoured as I thought I’d be. I feel like waltzing in ‘Rose’ and, with overseas travel to exotic climes clearly off the table for some time yet, well, ‘Honolulu’ transports me to tropical Hawaii vicariously.

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